What’s happening to pets post-Ida?

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – After a disaster like Ida, so many aspects of life are scattered and confused.

It’s the same for hundreds of pets out there who now find themselves without their families and the families struggling to take care of their pets.

The LASPCA has made almost 90 tail-wagging reunions after rescuing hundreds of animals in the aftermath of the storm.

“There’s still quite a few more that we haven’t been able to locate the owners or the owners are not in a position to take their animals back,” Ana Zorrilla, LASPCA’s CEO said.

They’ve been listing their stray intakes on their website.

Some got lost or separated, but many others were just abandoned.

“Not only the animals in New Orleans and Plaquemines but also Jefferson, Terrebonne and Lafourche that were really hard hit in the storm, all of those animals, we are working together to move to shelters throughout the country so that they can find adoptive homes in places where, hopefully, there won’t be more hurricanes coming,” Zorrilla said.

Right now, the LASPCA is spread thin so they’re not open for adoptions.

But, even as they transport hundreds of animals out, more come in.

“It’s heartbreaking because when you realize people have lost so much already and are at that breaking point,” Zorrilla said. “So, we’re all working hard to provide resources to provide help, but at the end of the day, we really need the community support.”

That support can come through fostering the pets of families in need through 911fosterpets.com.

“It helps keep those pets out of the shelter, keeps them healthy, with a family in Louisiana to then go back home as soon as that family’s ready,” Zorrilla said.

No matter what else may come our way this hurricane season, the LASPCA wants you to know you never have to leave a pet behind. Your local shelter can point you in the right direction.

The goal is to keep fur babies with their families and making sure resources get down to hard-hit areas.

“We’ve been working hard to make sure that those communities have resources, so our pet food pantry has been extended and we’ve been delivering food to those parishes, collars, leashes, pet supplies,” Zorrilla said. “Those parishes definitely are still struggling, even though New Orleans is getting back on its feet.”

Click HERE to sign up for the Pet Food Pantry. There, you can also find information on how to donate as well as volunteer.

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