Very good information for Mexican pet meals sector: More animals to feed

The Countrywide Studies Institute of Mexico (INEGI) undertook a consultant study in 2021 to evaluate some important variables, this kind of as the noted number of animals in the country. The last time INEGI performed these kinds of a survey was in 2016, and the success have been constrained. The most recent study exposed the complete quantity of pets.

According to INEGI, there had been 79.977 million animals in the country in 2021. Of that, 43.756 million ended up puppies, 16.263 million ended up cats and 19.957 million have been other pet species. 

By comparison, the human populace of Mexico arrived at 126.014 million habitants in early 2021. Therefore, the pet population is 63% of the human population.

Quantity of pets does not correlate to pet foods market place sizing

With this sort of a significant canine populace, why is the existing canine foods current market measurement in Mexico just over 1 million metric tons for each 12 months? Offered the virtually 44 million dogs in the region, the industry has a opportunity of more than 3 million metric tons of pet dog foods yearly (assuming all of them are fed professional meals). However, the actual sector dimension is considerably less than 3 periods that probable. 

The sizeable amount of homeless pet dogs solutions this query. A massive portion of canines documented as animals actually reside on the streets.

The same problem takes place with cats. INEGI approximated there are about 16 million cats in the state. On the other hand, cats residing in a home are very likely a smaller sized part of that population.

Pet population dynamics are nonetheless not known

Although the new pet population data is relevant, there are still necessary knowledge that are not known. For example, what is the exact amount of homeless canine and cats, and the true penetration level of pet foodstuff (the percentage of puppies and cats eating professional pet food stuff)?

Knowing the range of pets dwelling in households will help the marketplace make precise desire forecasts to make investments in generation ability. The up coming action is continue to the need to realize the penetration amount of pet foodstuff. This metric would expose how shut the current intake level is to its actual prospective price.

Consequently, there is place for advancement in know-how of pet population dynamics in Mexico.