Spain has overhauled animal welfare regulations. This is what’s new

Spain has overhauled animal welfare regulations. This is what’s new

From abandonment and obligatory training classes to a licence to fly, see what pet proprietors will and will not be capable to do in Spain from now on.


In Spain, there are more than 29 million pets. 

Abandonment and a deficiency of identification are regular complications, with about 300,000 animals deserted every calendar year, in accordance to the Ministry of Social Legal rights.

In order to aid remedy this situation, previous Spanish lawmakers passed the Animal Welfare Regulation, which came into pressure on Friday.  

It is a new regulation setting up stricter procedures for pet homeowners and influences all animals – domestic or wild – beneath human treatment.

The aim is “to struggle versus the mistreatment, abandonment, and slaughter of animals,”  according to the Ministry of Social Legal rights. 

Nonetheless, critics level out just one of Spain’s most infamous nationwide sports, bullfighting, will nonetheless be permitted.

The new law could mean animal abuse is punished with far more than one calendar year imprisonment, reaching up to 36 months in situation of loss of life.

Financial penalties range from 500 to 200,000 euros dependent on the seriousness of the infringement have also been designed. 

What is banned from now on?

The use of spikes, electric powered shock collars or tying animals to going motor vehicles is now prohibited. 

Circuses such as animals, which some legislations already protect against, are banned beneath this new legislation, but well-known celebrations with bulls are excluded.

Other exemptions incorporate investigation animals, livestock, and rescue and looking dogs.

The commercialisation of animals in pet retailers is also prohibited. 

It will now no more time be probable to sell cats, puppies or ferrets. These animals can now only be acquired below the age of 4 months immediately from their start breeding nucleus or by adoption from registered animal defense entities.

From training courses and insurance coverage to the appropriate to fly

Puppy homeowners will have to complete a no cost online coaching class, but this measure will not come into drive right until a new federal government has been fashioned.

The exact same applies to legal responsibility insurance for pet entrepreneurs – not complete pet healthcare – which will now be compulsory. 

Cat entrepreneurs will not have to acquire out an insurance coverage plan.

The law affects transporting animals, much too. Shipping firms, airways and trains will now have to consider measures to facilitate pet entry, as prolonged as the operator respects the stability steps and assures the correct conduct of the animal.

You should not leave me by itself and treat me correct

The legislation also says a pet might not be remaining unattended for far more than 3 consecutive times, a time period that is minimized to 24 several hours in the scenario of puppies. 


Leaving puppies or cats on terraces or patios, whilst not prohibited, is now time-limited. 

Pet house owners will not be in a position to leave their animals alone inside of shut vehicles or uncovered to any thermal ailments that could place their life in threat. 

Animals can not be allowed to be left by yourself or tied up in public spaces, which suggests no leaving your puppy outside the supermarket.

Also there is now a maximum sum of animals a person can have: 5.

You will not be able to sacrifice your furry companion because of to deficiency of area or financial explanations. 


Euthanasia will now only be permitted underneath veterinary conditions.

Averting uncontrolled breeding

The new law also establishes principles to avoid uncontrolled breeding of animals. 

The goal is that breeding should really be carried out by liable persons who are registered in the Sign-up of Breeders of Companion Animals. 

It specifies that steps ought to be taken to stay away from uncontrolled replica, this kind of as sterilisation and building it compulsory for animals that are unable to be managed.

All cats will have to be discovered by means of microchip and sterilised just before the age of 6 months, besides those registered as breeders. 


The immediate sale of any style of pet by the world-wide-web, internet portals or any telematic means or application is prohibited.

Animals that simply cannot be retained as animals

Most domestic animals might go on to be pets, these types of as pet dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, parakeets, and canaries.

On the other hand, unsafe or toxic animals, wild mammals in excess of five kilograms and reptiles (other than turtles) about two kilograms (this sort of as snakes or iguanas) may possibly not be stored in households.