Say Hi to Our New Siamangs, Adi and Guntur

The great new pair at Gibbon Ridge are good, sweet and focus in singing duets—meet siamangs Adi and Guntur! The dynamic duo arrived at the Smithsonian’s Countrywide Zoo last tumble and will make their debut when the temperature warms. Get to know our gibbons in this Q+A with primate keeper Carly Hornberger.

What are Adi and Guntur’s personalities like?

It has been definitely enjoyment receiving to know Adi and Guntur around the past couple months!

10-calendar year-aged woman Adi arrived to us from the El Paso Zoo in Texas. Her full title is Adinda, but her preceding keepers termed her Adi. We assumed that nickname was sweet, so we made the decision to continue to keep working with it. Adi is head-sturdy, identified and smart—she tells keepers what she wants when she would like it! Puzzle feeders appear to be to be no match for her smarts she’s now mastered a lot of of them and can extract treats in no time. Adi is also eager to teach and has leaned several husbandry behaviors in the brief time she has been in this article.  

Seven-12 months-outdated male Guntur is initially from the Virginia Zoo. He is a super sweet guy—laid-back again, easygoing and carefree. He normally seems happy to see keepers and will appear up to the mesh to say “hi” ideal absent! He by no means seems to be in a hurry to go anyplace or do anything at all, but he will do the job incredibly hard on enrichment and throughout coaching periods.

How do you convey to Adi and Guntur apart?

A single of the best approaches to notify our siamangs aside is to appear for a minimal tuft of hair on Guntur’s rump. Only male siamangs have a “genital tuft” in the spot where a tail would be. (Siamangs are small apes and, in contrast to monkeys and lemurs, do not have tails.) Guntur also has additional hair on his upper body than Adi.

Why did they appear to the Zoo?

Considering the fact that we had excess room at Gibbon Ridge, we asked for a opportunity breeding pair from the Gibbon Species Survival Approach. It just so transpired that Guntur and Adi are sexually mature and at an age when they would by natural means disperse from their natal groups. Despite the fact that they do not however have a breeding advice, it is possible they will have a single in the long run. Dependent on their genetics, they are a excellent match for 1 yet another.

How are they obtaining along?

Guntur and Adi get together properly! When we to begin with launched the pair, there was a “howdy” doorway involving their enclosures. This enabled Adi and Guntur to see, scent and interact with a person another by a protective mesh barrier.

These introductions took put above the span of two months. Throughout the very first week, they only experienced howdy accessibility through the day. We looked for optimistic interactions these as grooming, playing, sitting near just about every other and singing together. If the introductions experienced not gone well, we would have found open-mouth threats, tooth chomping and exhibiting.

In 7 days two, we gave them “howdy” access each all through the working day and right away. We continued to see positive behaviors from both of those siamangs, so the remaining step was supplying them comprehensive obtain to one one more. They have been fully living collectively due to the fact late January!

What husbandry behaviors are they studying?

A person of the methods we keep track of the wellness and wellbeing of our siamangs is as a result of optimistic reinforcement schooling. Each individual working day, we train our animals behaviors that help them to participate in their very own wellbeing care. If they select to participate and do the suitable conduct, they receive tons of praise and a favourite food as a reward. Apples, bananas and grapes are a significant hit with Guntur and Adi!

The two have mastered presenting their palms and toes on cue. This habits permits us to get an up-shut seem at our animals and check for any injuries or oddities that may want veterinary attention. The siamangs will also sit on a scale so we can attain their weights at the time a month. Eventually, Adi and Guntur will be ready to present other human body sections, too, these kinds of as their hip, shoulder and tummy. For now, these behaviors are a operate in progress.  

Do they have any favourite enrichment merchandise?

We do not know what their favorites are however as we are however finding to know them, but they the two love utilizing enrichment! Whilst we are setting up their enclosure, Adi will stomp and faucet her feet, a lovable behavior that lets us know she’s all set to dig in to her toys and puzzle feeders! Guntur, on the other hand, is extremely affected person and will calmly wait.