Quarter Horse Congress returns to Ohio Expo Center

Showing and riding horses at the All American Quarter Horse Congress has long been a tradition for the Schaad family. 

Aaron Schaad, 51, has been competing since 1990, and in a transformed Celeste Center — which looked more like a barn than an arena — he waited inside the warm-up pen Thursday for his turn to compete in the amateur breakaway roping competition, a variation of calf roping where a calf is roped but not thrown and tied.

But before it was his turn to go out onto the floor, he had to help someone else: his son. 

Aaron assisted Brady, 18, with his horse Cee Doc Genuine Jule as they got ready for the youth calf roping competition, a rodeo event where a rider catches and ties a calf. It was the first time the 5-year-old horse competed at the Congress.