Onslow County residents share their pet adoption stories from shelter

Onslow residents are succeeding in finding their furry friends at the county animal shelter, where more than 1,000 animals were adopted last year. 

“I think that the best thing that you can ever do is rescue them,” said Jacksonville resident Maria Olander. “It’s so sad in there, when you go in, you hear them cry. I just want to take them all home.” 

According to the Onslow County Government Facebook page, more than 1,000 animals were adopted in 2021 from Onslow County Animal Services, and more than 250 released to rescue organizations.

In addition, animal services reunited 461 dogs and 105 cats with their owners. 

They’re hoping to have just as successful of a year in 2022, but so far, things are off to a slow start.