Lemonade can hook you up with pet insurance for as low as $10 per month

The past two years have been rough on everybody. Sitting around the house day after day, week after week, was enough to make almost anyone a little crazy. All that time disconnected from the rest of the world had everybody feeling a little lonely, and it turns out that millions of Americans coped with COVID by bringing a new four-legged addition to their family.

And we do mean millions. The numbers from the latest National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) found pet ownership increased from 67 percent up to 70 percent of all U.S. households over the past two years. That represents over 10 million new dogs and cats under all of those American roofs.

And do you know what else exploded over the past two years, according to the survey? Pet insurance policies. In fact, the rate of cat owners who have signed on for pet-centric insurance coverage has doubled since 2019.

With the cost of annual vet visits around $200 each with treatments and other emergencies procedures driving that price exponentially higher, enlisting comprehensive protections such as Lemonade Pet Insurance has never been more popular.

Known for its homeowners and rental insurance coverage, Lemonade now offers an app-based, hassle-free alternative for new and veteran pet parents alike to make sure they’re protected from vet bills that can be absolutely crippling financially.

The process is entirely online, with users heading to the Lemonade mobile app or website and answering a few quick questions about their pet’s breed and age. Within seconds, Lemonade will come back with a quote on the cost of insurance coverage for a cat or dog, with many policies starting as low as just $10 a month. With a click, that pet is covered, protecting you from all kinds of medical costs associated with accidents or illnesses that may happen.

That coverage includes diagnostics, blood tests, X-rays, lab work, outpatient procedures, medications, or even hospitalizations and surgeries resulting from accidents or illnesses. In addition, Lemonade Pet Insurance offers big savings on routine care items as well.

In the event pet owners have to bring their cat or dog to the vet, claims are handled right through the app thanks to Lemonade’s tech-driven platform. Many claims get processed and paid within minutes, all without the weeks of applications and worry over when funds will eventually be reimbursed.

Pet parents can get a quick price quote through the Lemonade website and launch their new policy instantly. Current Lemonade customers can also save an additional 10 percent by having both their pet and homeowners insurance with the company.

Prices subject to change