How You Feed Your Pets Can Make Them and You Sick

For most of us, food stuff safety behavior — like washing our hands in advance of planning a food and supplying our plate a rinse ahead of positioning it in the dishwasher — are second nature. But would it surprise you to know that you should really be adhering to people similar protocols when feeding and cleansing up immediately after your pet?

A new analyze, published on April 6 in the journal PLoS One particular, observed that most U.S. pet house owners really do not know and really don’t abide by the U.S. Food items and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) rules on safe and sound pet foodstuff and dish dealing with. In this scenario, what you really do not know can damage you. Contaminated pet meals has been the source of several outbreaks of bacterial illness among the dogs and individuals, in accordance to the authors.

“Pet owners ought to know that pet food stuff bowls can harbor microorganisms and that recommendations exist for minimizing that danger,” explained guide creator Emily Luisana, DVM, veterinarian at Friendship Clinic for Animals in Washington, D.C, in a assertion.

Pet foodstuff and treats, like quite a few other styles of foods, can be contaminated with damaging germs that trigger foodborne ailments, these kinds of as salmonellosis and listeriosis, in accordance to the Fda.