Dog hugs visiting man’s leg in kennels until he agrees to adopt her – World News

The brown and white dog stole her owner’s heart after embracing him in a cuddle in the shelter she was staying in – and managed to secure a loving home thanks to her adorable tactic

She refused to let go until he adopted her

Standing out in a shelter packed with hopeful rescue dogs can be challenging – but this dog has come up with an adorable solution.

A rescue dog won over her owner’s heart after embracing him in a cuddle as soon as she set eyes on him in the kennels.

Standing on her hind legs, the dog wrapped her paws around the man’s leg and refused to let go until he agreed to adopt her.

The man, who works as a reporter, was simply visiting the animal shelter as part of a story he was working on – but ended up leaving with more than he expected.

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She wrapped her paws around his leg while looking up at him



The man ended up taking her home with him



The adorable moment was captured on camera and shared to Reddit, where users have been praising the dog for her cute tactic.

The post reads: “Covering a story at an animal shelter, a journalist was grabbed by this dog and wouldn’t let go. The journalist eventually adopted him!”

In the pictures, the dog is seen snuggling one of the man’s leg while he gently strokes her on the top of her head.

The brown and white dog looks up at him with ‘big puppy dog eyes’, trying to convince him to take her home with him.

In response, one user said: “To me, the purest thing in this world is when a dog or cat clearly chooses you as their person like this dog did.”

Another user added: “That’s adorable and heartbreaking because a reaction like that is probably a result of neglect. I’m glad that journalist was there that day.”

While a third user joked: “Correction – the dog adopted him.”

It comes after another dog secured a new home by using a similarly adorable technique – smiling at everybody who walked past him in kennels.

Burreaux was adopted thanks to his cheeky grin


Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana)

Burreaux was one of three siblings to be brought to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana by director Courtney Wingate, who clocked the eight-week-old dog’s smile when visiting an animal control centre.

She name the pups after three Louisiana State University Football players – Burreaux, Joe and O.

Celebrating his adoption, a spokeswoman said: “Happy life Burreaux! Our sweet smiling boy who became social media viral with his grin has found his forever!”.

Hundreds of social media users shared their well wishes to Burreaux and his new family, urging him to “keep smiling”.

One user said: “It warms my heart that this sweet pup now has a forever home. Hope the family enjoys. Many blessings for years to come.”

While another added: “Congratulations to you all! Have a awesome life together. Keep smiling, sweet boy.”

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