Columbus zoo and aquarium loses therapy canine Coby

The very first question — “Why did a planet-class zoo want a straightforward Labrador retriever as an ambassador when it has had so lots of endangered animals and Jack Hanna?” — can be partly answered by looking at illustrations or photos of Coby, an 8-year-outdated pet dog, jogging with the cheetahs.

Racing playfully via the cheetah operate adopted by one of the agile cats, Coby, keeping some form of chew toy, seems thrilled to be on exhibit.

And each species show up enthralled with just about every other, regardless of their evident variances. (Cheetahs can accelerate from to 60 mph in 3 seconds, as quickly as the top rated sports activities cars. Coby, probably a fourth of that.) 

Combining puppies with cheetahs is a widespread observe now, and Columbus was just one of the initially zoos to employee it. Cheetahs generally are additional timid and reclusive than more substantial wild cats, and surface to thrive when paired with appropriate canines.