Columbian Park Zoo penguins die of avian malaria in Lafayette

Columbian Park Zoo penguins die of avian malaria in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Columbian Park Zoo a short while ago announced that 6 of their 9 African penguins have died soon after battling avian malaria.

Columbian Park Zoo penguins die of avian malaria in Lafayette

“Avian malaria is 1 of the most substantial brings about of mortality in penguins, with prices as substantial as 50-90 percent,” Neil Dale, zoo director reported in a launch. “Despite the best endeavours of our veterinarian and staff members, who delivered around the clock care administering anti-malarial remedies and other intense treatment steps, we ended up unable to prevent the progression of the infections.”

According to the launch, this parasitic ailment is brought about by “plasmodium” and is transmitted through bites of contaminated mosquitos. This disorder only influences birds and is not transmissible to human beings or other zoo animals, according to the release.

Starting on Oct. 24, the African penguin named Flash began exhibiting signs or symptoms of sickness which prompted veterinary assessments and exams. Despite the vet team’s extensive efforts, Flash’s problem promptly deteriorated and was uncovered deceased by animal care staff four days later on, on the early morning Oct. 28.

Next the necropsy – animal autopsy – of Flash , a blood check returned with a good result for plasmodium.

Seven penguins walk into their exhibit for the first time at the Columbian Park Zoo, Thursday, July 29, 2021 in Lafayette. The seven penguins arrived Wednesday evening and are now on display in the zoo.

“We’ve been consulting with veterinary industry experts from some of the primary zoos in the nation to be certain that we are executing anything feasible to most effective deal with our birds,” Caitlin Laffery, assistant zoo director, stated. “We are quite privileged to get the job done in a occupation where by know-how and experience is shared so freely and to have means like Purdue’s Indiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory proper in our yard.”