Cat smooshed in sofa wins award for most unusual pet coverage claim

Giles with his Hambone Award (Graphic courtesy of Nationwide)

Giles, a New York Metropolis cat, has been tapped as the 15th animal Hambone Award winner immediately after being squished underneath a sofa mattress by visitors of his moms and dads, Reid and Kaitlyn. The Hambone Award honors a Nationwide insured pet with the most unusual claim of the year with hopes the award will provide recognition to the special, astonishing events that can come about to animals and how insurance can assistance.

Giles was adopted from a cat rescue in New York and was named just after a character from the clearly show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Giles’s declare arrived to Nationwide following becoming accidentally trapped in a sofa bed when household stayed over. Even though Giles was not critically harmed and just needed a couple stitches, he did acquire a newfound worry of hinged objects.

“My stepmom mentioned, ‘Something has occurred, and we’re genuinely sorry, but [Giles] bought trapped beneath the couch.’ When they put the sofa away, they failed to realize that he was under there and…the mechanism bopped him in the deal with fairly superior,” discussed Reid, in the organizational launch.1 “Luckily for us, we have a superb vet medical center just all around the corner from us, so we were being ready to choose him suitable there. Luckily, it wasn’t way too bad. He did need to have some stitches … but he was the product affected individual.”

Giles is just just one of 10 finalists who ended up component of a public vote that ran September 13-22, 2023, to help decide this year’s award winner. All 10 finalists have recovered and were reimbursed for suitable veterinary costs from Nationwide.1 Mainly because Giles was voted the winner, his household obtained the Hambone Award trophy, a present card, and a donation to be built in Giles’ honor to the pet charity of their alternative.

“Giles’ predicament shows just how simply an common situation can turn into precarious for a pet,” said Jules Benson, BVSc, MRCVS, vice president, Pet Health and fitness and main veterinary officer for Nationwide.1 “We are so glad that the quick steps of Giles’ loved ones and their veterinary treatment staff set him up for a fast restoration.”

Two runners-up ended up declared, Jax, a pug from Las Vegas who had heat stroke although lying in a comforter as he recovered from surgical treatment, and Sunny, a Labrador retriever from Anaheim who managed to move his crate 5 ft across the area and consume 3 mobile phone charger cords. Every runner-up acquired a reward card and the opportunity for a donation to be designed in their honor.

The Hambone Award was named immediately after a canine, insured by Nationwide, who ended up stuck in the refrigerator and ate the overall holiday break ham just before getting identified with a licked-clear ham bone and a mild circumstance of hyperthermia.2


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