Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County celebrates 9th anniversary

BIG RAPIDS – Caring for cats and dogs and providing them a happy life is an important part of being a pet owner, and one Mecosta County organization celebrated nine years of finding homes for animals in the area.

On Oct. 1, the Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County commemorated its ninth anniversary and is looking to continue caring for animals in need for years to come. Self-described as a group of concerned animal lovers that got together in 2011 with the hopes of improving the lives of dogs and cats and has taken in thousands of animals in its time open.

Cate Arroe, director of ARC, said the organization was born out of the dedication of locals who want to help lost animals find their owners, abused animals find a more loving life, and finding forever homes for adoptable animals.

“Nine years ago, the old Mecosta County shelter owner decided to retire so they asked people to submit proposals for a new shelter and we ended up winning that proposal,” Arroe said. “Since our opening, we couldn’t have continued to survive without the support of our community. They are phenomenal and any time we post that we’re out of food or litter and supplies, immediately people will bring or mail-in donations and we never have to go without anything that we need.”

ARC of Mecosta County, located at 18400 220th Avenue in Big Rapids, houses both dogs and cats. The building has two outdoor exercise areas for dogs, as well as two open areas for the cats to provide a stress-free environment.

The organization has taken in almost 3,000 dogs and 1,200 cats since its inception in 2011 and continues to add to that number every month.