4 rescued manatee calves flown to Columbus Zoo for rehabilitation

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has welcomed four rescued juvenile manatees - Lizzo, Cardi-Tee, MaryKate and Ashley - from a SeaWorld rehabilitation facility in Orlando, Fla., which needed to make room for more critical cases.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has taken in four new hurt juvenile manatees in an exertion to just take force off of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, which has expert a report range of the aquatic maritime mammals in hassle.

The transfer will free up home for the most important scenarios.

“As a second phase rehabilitation facility, the Columbus Zoo is just one of only two services outdoors of Florida to care for manatees,” the two businesses claimed in a news release Sunday, “The group will treatment for the animals until eventually they attain ample fat to return to Florida waters when situations are favorable.”

The 4 manatees transported to Columbus – Lizzo, Cardi-Tee, MaryKate, and Ashley – are all girls and were rescued as neonatal calves in 2020 and 2021. 3 have been orphaned. The zoo has received 39 manatees because the Manatee Coastline show opened in 1999. It at present homes nine manatees such as the 4 new ones and two male calves that arrived to the zoo in April.