3 special-needs pups almost ready for adoption through Marley’s Mutts

TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KGET) – Not everyone gets an equal shot in this world to start off and that applies to animals too. Case in point: three new puppies at Marley’s Mutts, a Tehachapi-based dog rescue. 

When five puppies out of a litter of 12 were born without forepaws the local animal shelter community knew exactly where to send those pups. 

Three puppies, for reasons not clear – perhaps inbreeding – are among five in a litter of 12 that were born without fully developed forepaws. In one case it’s malformed paws, in another case entire forelegs. That pup is left with mere nubs.

What kind of chance do they have, you may ask. What will become of them?

One look at their temporary housemate ought to tell you all you need to know: Cora Rose, a Tehachapi celebrity who has taken on the world, in a canine sense, had to have her forelegs amputated after being hit by a car.

Now she is a source of inspiration to owner Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts — and to anyone who would ask what purpose it serves to rescue the three two-week old Pit-Chihuahua mixes with forepaw deformities.

Skow says these puppies’ adoptive families – whoever they may be – will have plenty of help getting situated: vaccinations, spay and neuter and access to wheeled carts for mobility.

“What we’re looking for is long-term assistance in foster care and adoption,” Skow said. “So, the real bright side is that we’ve had six double front-leg amputees. So this kind of malformity, while we don’t have too many naturally malformed puppies, we’ve had several injured who we’ve had to amputate, and all of them thrive epically. I mean, not only do they lead normal lives, they lead abnormally wonderful lives.”

Marley’s Mutts, on 40 acres in the Cummings Valley near Tehachapi, is all about getting Kern County animal shelters back to the no-kill status they once enjoyed and it starts with dogs like these, challenged by bad genetics, bad luck or human cruelty.

In the market for a puppy that requires just a little extra love? Start here.

Disabled, or specially enabled? It’s kind of a cliche. But Marley’s Mutts make it sound like a real deal. 

If you’d like to adopt a dog, including – in a few weeks, when they’re old enough – one of these special needs puppies, visit their website or email [email protected].