15+ brands new freeze-dried pet foods at Global Pet Expo

Freeze-dried or air-dried raw-meat pet foodstuff and treats had been among the the most widespread new goods showcased at World Pet Expo 2022. Freeze-dried meats allow pet food stuff makers to provide people a uncooked or minimally processed substantial-meat product with much less storage worries and overall health threats than uncooked-meat-based pet foodstuff. Freeze-dried uncooked meats may possibly also consider advantage of or else wasted organ meat, minimizing squander and escalating ranchers’ incomes, which appeals to pet owners’ sustainability calls for.

The bison livers in Northwest Naturals products did just that, the company’s countrywide gross sales manager Amy Snell advised Petfood Market. Northwest Naturals’ guardian enterprise, Morasch Meats, moved into freeze-dried pet food items virtually two many years back. Northwest Naturals’ new solutions at World-wide Pet Expo provided a selection of freeze-dried raw meal plans for canine and toppers with purposeful elements these types of as turmeric and New Zealand green mussels.

Raw pet foods processing and storage

Raw pet food items have grown in recognition amid doggy and cat entrepreneurs. Uncooked pet dog and cat food stuff makers endorse their goods as bettering digestion and dental wellness, along with other advantages. Raw pet food stuff organizations frequently seem to superior-stress processing (HPP) to pasteurize their solutions and comply with food stuff protection guidelines. Substantial-stress processing is effective by creating high tension uniformly all around a pet food container, ordinarily in a sealed tank of drinking water. That strain is transferred right away and equally during the uncooked pet foodstuff. Below this high pressure, disorder-producing microorganisms and food-spoiling enzymes are inactivated.

However, pet owners even now need to have to abide by far more actions to appropriately store, tackle and provide uncooked-meat-based merchandise, compared to typical kibble. Uncooked pet food items need to be held frozen to prevent spoilage to maintain palatability, even right after higher-stress processing to eliminate pathogens. When buyers tackle the items, folks need to just take care to stay away from smearing surfaces with uncooked meat and potentially forming a breeding ground for illness-resulting in microbes. Freeze-dried pet meals enable keep away from these worries by generating the meat shelf-secure and a lot easier to tackle.

“Freeze-drying eliminates dampness by converting ice immediately to vapor by sublimation relatively than transitioning through a liquid stage,” wrote Greg Aldrich, pet food stuff plan coordinator at Kansas State University, in his Petfood Industry column. “Even nevertheless some heat is made use of in the course of freeze-drying, the temperatures do not exceed far more than a several levels in excess of freezing.”

Pet foods formulators then insert the ensuing freeze-dried components, both equally meats and plants, to recipes. Some pet foodstuff use cost-free-dried elements as an adjunct to kibbles and other products and solutions. Other pet meals and treats could be purely freeze-dried substances. Some of these must be moistened right before feeding, although other people are meant to be fed specifically, particularly treats. Some new merchandise at World wide Pet Expo contained a one freeze-dried protein, this kind of as beef coronary heart or mackerel.

New freeze-dried pet meals and treats at International Pet Expo

“The include-h2o class has grown radically,” Zach Franke, important accounts manager for Grandma Lucy’s, instructed Petfood Industry. 

The corporation launched its 3 Bears freeze-dried canine foodstuff at Global Pet Expo, he claimed. Product or service developers extra grains to the Three Bears puppy foodstuff, a to start with for the firm. The addition of rolled oats addresses pet owners’ lingering concerns about dilated cardiomyopathy, since the oats have amino acids required by dogs’ bodies to make taurine. Taurine deficiency correlates with amplified the chance of dilated cardiomyopathy.

“Some individuals desire to go the dehydrated route,” he explained. “I feel the freeze-dried route is a improved alternative in lots of approaches. If you freeze dry a product, you happen to be not heating it up far too significantly. You’re not heading to crack down all the nutritional vitamins and minerals that are inside of of it. The way that we freeze dry, it can be likely to rehydrate a whole lot speedier than dehydrated food… The other point with some dehydrated food items is that, if you will not let adequate time for it to rehydrate, it can carry on to broaden a small bit inside the tummy. So, if you feed far too fast, then that is not truly very good for the dog. You you should not have quite the similar problem with freeze-dried.”

These pet food stuff and treat brand names released freeze-dried or air-dried products at Worldwide Pet Expo 2022.

West Paw – air-dried bison dog treats, freeze-dried beef coronary heart dog treats and other people

Primal Pet Foods – freeze-dried raw toppers created with fish, beef or vegetable

Natural Harmony – restricted ingredient, freeze-dried canine meals

Northwest Naturals – freeze-dried raw diet regime and toppers for canine

Pure Bites – freeze-dried canine meals and toppers

Ability Animal – freeze-dried puppy meals and treats

Earth Animal – Knowledge air-dried catfish canine meals

Dr. Marty Greater Existence Bites – freeze-dried canine treats with purposeful promises

Carna4 – air-dried goat, lamb or venison dog foods

Grandma Lucy’s – 3 Bears freeze-dried puppy food

Boss Nation Models – Boss Cat freeze-dried uncooked cat meals

HausPanther – freeze-dried raw cat treats

VitalEssentials — VitalCat freeze-dried pork cat meals

Catit — Gold Fern air-dried cat meals

Bixbi — freeze-dried Rawbble pet foods

Stella and Chewy’s – uncooked coated freeze-dried kibble for kittens